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Welcome to Our Site!

Please note that lessons, articles or pages are not to be copied elsewhere in the WEB without the permission of MuestraLingua or the author.

We all have our different habits and customs, we would love to share them with you. In this world we live in, sometimes these ideas can change, we intend to pass on to others how we feel or tell about our experienses.

In this site, you'll find ideas that can be communicated to the whole world. Communicating isn't always easy, that's why we'll bring pictures whenever necessary, this way understanding will be effortless. Just remember a picture is worth a thousand words and ideas can be transferred easier. Also note, this is an excellent way of passing across the information. In this manner, people that were involved in these documents can be even seen.

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If we have to save a language, we'll have to transmit it through our children.

Our mission at "MuestraLingua"

To offer others the right value of Judeo-Spanish so it can be kept a living language for another 500 years. We'll bring articles in different languages in order to facilitate its usage and encourage our readers. We'll try accomplishing this by asking our readers how to do it.

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