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About Us

This Site has been created for the advancement of Judeo-Spanish and share ideas, customs that our ancestors left us. In this page, we'll present some of the details of our organization and the contributing people.

Our Organization

Here we could have a list where the names of the people responsible will be included, who are part of this organization. Pictures can be sent with a short description. This site will use Judeo-Spanish as its main language following "Aki Yerushalayim" grammatical rules

Rachel Amado Bortnick

Rachel Amado Bortnick; Actual Size=170 pixels wide

Rachel is the owner of this site. In the past, she has been President of "Dallas Jewish Historical Society". In this picture, she is displaying a charcoal drawing in Izmir of 1915 of her grandfather, Shemuel Amado of Turkey. Rachel was born and raised in Izmir. Since her coming to the United States, she has helped others struggling for their new identity as they discovered their Jewish heritage.

Our Programme

Here, we'll show you a list of what we offer.